About Us

Origins of Aora

Derived from the word 'aura' which signifies the distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a given source. Just like the unseen energy that flows around the physical body, we believe that confidence is the essence of beauty that emanates through one's gleaming energy. The skin glows where energy flows.

What we stand for

Aora is more than a beauty brand. It is a movement that embraces the power of self-love and encourages women to take pride in their natural beauty. We aim to bring together products that are designed to make women feel confident and create healthy habits for life. Beauty should not be a stressful word to any woman and we strive to make that a reality. Aora proudly stands for confidence, compassion, wellness and joy.

Our mission & inspiration

Inspired by the modern women in our local community, our mission is to help women enhance their natural beauty and address common beauty concerns with realistic solutions that make their daily beauty routines both effective and fun. Our high-quality products are designed to meet global standards while catering to the needs and demands of our local community's urban lifestyle.